Next Generation Products

BAT is expanding its horizons. For more than a century, we’ve been one of the biggest names in the tobacco landscape. Surging popularity of Next Generation Products, like e-cigarettes and tobacco heating devices, have created new markets for us to explore. We offer these new innovative products, with harm reduction potential, because it is the right thing to do: it's right for consumers, society and our shareholders.

We want to lead this transformation globally by offering adult smokers enjoyable alternatives to cigarettes. And with your innovative and audacious ideas, you’ll be helping us in our mission to become the world’s leader in providing those satisfying consumer moments.

Next generation products

Why do we innovate?

Next Generation Products are already playing an exciting and important part in the future of BAT. They’re radical, in-demand and here to stay. They’ve already become a satisfying part of many people’s lives, but there are many more who haven’t been introduced to their cutting-edge qualities. They’re a fantastic opportunity for focused business brains like ourselves. This is the ‘right now’ industry, and that’s why we’ve invested over $1.5billion over the last six years to develop products of a supreme quality.

We’re pioneering three iconic brands to corner the market: Vype Opens in new window, iFuse and glo. We’re always innovating, and will continue to refine high quality, accessible alternatives to smoking. By harnessing technologies and by providing consumers with a variety of choices, we’re aiming to become the global leader in Next Generation Products.

This is Your Future

We need game-changers. Deal-makers. Ground-breakers. If we’re going to hand these sensational new smoking alternatives to the world, we need you to be a pioneer. Someone who commits to a goal, no matter how hard, and doesn’t quit until it is achieved. A career in Next Generation Products could be your chance to come up with never-before-seen inventions. To shape a global market that hasn’t yet been conquered.

What drives you is your desire to be a part of something bigger. A world-class exponent of advanced ideas, generated by the brightest thinkers from a wide variety of countries, backgrounds and disciplines. Our international identity means whoever you are, wherever you’re from, your ambitions will be supported and your successes rewarded.


  • R&D

    Creating our world-beating Next Generation Products relies fundamentally on our outstanding research and development division. We employ some incredibly talented minds, capable of conceiving complex concepts and hard-to-obtain insights. Our technical leaders are the brains behind the Vype E-tank, Pebble, glo and many more. They work with the freedom to produce brand-new ideas and allow their inception to be influenced by our clear customer preferences.

    We need visionary leaders. Convincing data experts. Relentless problem-solvers. To be the best, we need you to have impressive analytical skills combined with a creative flair for forward-thinking. Bring a cutting-edge mentality and there's plenty of room to progress. You could become a driving force behind our scientific direction. In other words, tech lovers and geniuses, we would like to meet you, we are looking for you.

  • Operations

    However smart our strategy, a global company such as ours must rely on first-class professionals who can manage the day-to-day running of operations, while looking to the future. Next Generation Products is a fascinating area to work in because it presents fresh challenges. Making business-critical decisions in an emerging market is a thrilling experience and offers unique opportunities for talented people to shine.

    Everyone within our operations division is vital to the international growth of Next Generation Products. They come together to deliver seamless and innovative processes, spurring us on to execute major initiatives on a global, regional and local level. From supply chain experts to quality assurance professionals, you’ll help shape our impact on the world. Here, you'll identify your own career path and acquire new attributes, which will help you surpass even your own expectations of yourself.

  • Digital

    To say digital is key to our global expansion would be an understatement. Online is a key retail platform in some markets so we employ the most technically gifted digital professionals in the industry. They have the final say on how we optimise all digital channels, but focus on maintaining and developing a website that’s user-friendly, informative and worthy of our sleek, innovative brands.

    As an experienced team member in a sophisticated role, you’ll be given autonomy and trusted to deliver content that informs our consumers about our products. Whether you’re in design, development or digital marketing, you’ll be our secret weapon as we aim to reach global audiences almost instantaneously. This is your opportunity to perform some highly progressive work in a really cutting-edge field.

  • Marketing

    In such a dynamic and emerging consumer category, we want to attract the most influential marketing experts on the planet. The smartest communication channels and speed-to-market are essential to inform adult smokers, as is the creative direction we take when presenting our quality-branded products to the world. BAT has always been renowned for championing innovation, and we use this to inspire us as we seek to become the global leader.

    As the face of Next Generation Products, our marketing teams construct highly engaging brands from the ground up. If you’re talented and driven to positively shape the future, impacting millions of adult consumers across the globe, you're exactly who we're looking for. And because we position ourselves as winners, we need you to be competitive. We may set ambitious targets, but success means informing and changing an enormous number of perceptions around the world – adding up to a worthwhile career.


Exciting Projects

Vype Pebble Science R&D

Small, but powerful. This pocket-sized friend satisfies cravings and comes in a range of colours to suit every vaper. An easy alternative to smoking and bulkier devices, it offers four levels of nicotine, including zero, and 6 different flavours.

Quote We're not just launching new brands;
we're shaping a whole new industry. Quote
Jason Chu,
International Brand Manager

NGP Locations



  • UK&Ireland
  • Poland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Guatemala
  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Japan
  • Kuwait & Bahrain

BAT’s global marketplace for Next Generation Products is expanding rapidly and we are always looking for talent in these locations.

You’ll find a range of different opportunities in Next Generation Products teams across these countries, with the majority of roles featuring international exposure.

We're growing, we're transforming, and we're hiring. Are you ready to join us?