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  • Natacha's story
    Natacha's story

    Natacha Lavoie
    Associate General Counsel,
    LEX, Canada

    “I knew there’d be some incredible challenges at BAT because of the highly regulated environment. I work with sixteen hard working and exceptional individuals of which nine are lawyers – seven women and two men – and we work well together because we all have the same goal: to protect BAT in a very litigious market and environment.”

  • John's story
    John's story

    John Padgett
    Commercial Engagement Manager,
    LEX, Costa Rica

    “Diplomacy is about 50 per cent of what I do, as I’m constantly dealing with government officials trying to get support for a business that is heavily restricted. We look at key areas such as illicit trade, which accounts for roughly 13 per cent of the total market. Just the other week, we engaged with the British Chamber of Commerce in Honduras to organise a workshop on illicit trade. Officials from governments across the region came together to share ideas and to devise solutions to combat the trade. It was very successful.”

  • Maria-Alicia's story
    Maria-Alicia's story

    Maria-Alicia Peralta
    Legal Director,
    Legal, Brazil

    “Before joining, I’d actually been working as an intellectual property lawyer for several years with two different firms here in Rio de Janeiro. Going in-house was a big change for me, and a little daunting at first. I had to get to grips with every aspect of the tobacco business as well as with the company’s culture, which, as it turns out, is one of the things that keeps me here. The people are incredibly smart and sharp – never afraid to challenge you.”

What you'll be a part of

We are Legal and External Affairs – LEX for short. Our areas of responsibility include managing the Group’s litigation, regulation, external engagement, communication, security and corporate governance. This involves working with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, think tanks, scientists, competitors, the media and, of course, our own employees.
Through our effective engagement and communication we protect our brands, products, our commercial interests and our corporate reputation.
We are also responsible for keeping our people and our assets safe around the world, securing our business now and in the future.

What you'll bring

There are more than 500 of us across the globe, working in a wide range of specialist and generalist roles. LEX people are courageous, collaborative, resilient and accountable. We need to manage and respond to a complex, joined-up, fast-paced, ever-changing external environment. To do this effectively you have to be brave, engaging, dynamic and driven.
We act with integrity at all times. This is essential to what we do, as the reputation of our company rests largely in our hands.

What you'll get out of it

We operate in a controversial industry, in challenging markets and on complex projects. We may be obliged to pursue legal challenges against regulation that we feel is unreasonable, we need to engage with governments to get our messages across, and we lead the business’s sustainability efforts. These are big, exciting, rewarding jobs. People in LEX have a broad view of the business, and work together to shape, protect and secure the future of BAT. Whichever part of LEX you’re in, there is a huge amount of pride and satisfaction at being part of a function that drives the business forward.

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