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  • Nirala's story
    Nirala's story

    Nirala Singh
    Marketing Finance Controller,
    Marketing, Vietnam

    “My move to BAT was one I was ready for. I’d been at my previous company, a top global accounting firm, for almost four years, and I needed a new and different experience. That was 14 years ago, and now I live on the other side of the world in Vietnam. I thought I’d be here for five years, maximum, before moving on to the next challenge. But the fact is, the challenges have kept on coming for me here.”

  • Hiram's story
    Hiram's story

    Hiram Murillo
    Head of Marketing,
    Marketing, Egypt

    “I’ve been at BAT for nearly 20 years, and I’m now in Cairo, where I’ve spent two years as Head of Marketing for North Africa. I’ve been to many parts of the world along the way, but Iran was probably the highlight from a professional point of view. When I arrived as general manager, sales were in freefall because our brands had been neglected. So my team started building them back up and reconnecting with what the consumer wanted. By the time I moved on, sales were back up to five billion and growing.”

  • Khurram's Story
    Khurram's Story
  • Rezaul's story
    Rezaul's story

    Rezaul Islam
    Head of Marketing,

    "In most organisations, ‘going global’ takes its time - but at BAT, it’s built in our DNA, it is there from the day we start. In my case, I was given the chance to start quite early - from business development in my home market in Bangladesh to a manager of one of our global brands in Iran. I was tested not just because it was a different culture and way of doing things, but also to get my voice heard across the table as well.

    "After my time in Tehran, I moved onto Pakistan as Area brand manager, straight into the driving seat of the biggest brand changeover in the market. The time there was not just one of extending my boundaries professionally, but on a personal level as well, a true test of resilience. Two years in Pakistan was followed by Japan, a vastly different market context - unlike any I had seen before - I was pleasantly surprised to find out how I could settle in with an ease.

    "In the decade, across three dynamic markets, I had the opportunity to truly grow and reach out beyond my home market in Bangladesh, and was glad that I could contribute after coming back, having these experiences under my belt. The biggest lesson I took away from all of this was that resilience comes in all forms, and is actually tested once you really go beyond your comfort zone, change your surroundings and take the challenges head on. Only then can you make the world your own.

What you'll be a part of

Our brands sell in over 200 markets worldwide and in many there are restrictions on how we promote them. We agree that tobacco products should be regulated in appropriate ways. And in complying with regulations we ensure that our marketing is focused and disciplined. Simply put, it has encouraged us to focus on the marketing basics.

By going back to where brand marketing ‘started’ – with product information and differentiation which offer the adult smoker a real choice – we’re positioning our high quality brands for adult smokers.

Our marketing teams consistently achieve fantastic growth in global market share. And it’s not by getting more people to start smoking, or by encouraging those who do smoke to smoke more. Instead, they look to take consumer insights and use them to develop new approaches, new products and new innovations that are in sync with the tastes, attitudes and buying patterns of existing adult smokers.

It all adds up to one of the most challenging – and exhilarating – opportunities around, within one of BAT’s most unique teams.

What you'll bring

We’ve shown that – through hard work and a focused intelligence – we can successfully build brand loyalty and compete at a high level within our industry. You’ll need to display these same qualities and many more besides. If you’re to shape strategies and innovations that really push the boundaries, you’ve got to be as creatively minded as you are commercially focused, as responsible as you are entrepreneurial, and as resourceful as you are analytical.

What you'll get out of it

There is no better place to make your name as an outstanding marketer. Learning from the best, you’ll produce sophisticated campaigns that go way beyond those you find in most industries.

You could be analysing consumer preferences and buying patterns, strengthening our relationships with key retail or trade partners to ensure our brands are available where and when customers want them, or managing and developing our world-beating Global Drive Brands – Kent, Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall and Rothmans – each of which is at the forefront of our innovations and product refinements.

Whatever marketing area you join, you’ll be part of a global company that offers plenty of opportunities for you to develop a rewarding and successful marketing career like no other.

Prove you can deliver on any brief and prepare to reap some fantastic rewards.

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